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Looking to prevent unauthorized access to your property? You may not know that to rekey your locks is a much more reasonable solution if your locks have been compromised. Lock replacement fetches more money, so instead of rekeying many unauthorized locksmiths will offer replacement. 

Hollywood Hills CA Locksmith Store Hollywood Hills, CA 323-647-8568At Hollywood Hills CA Locksmith Store, our locksmiths have the highest standards of professional integrity and the best interest of our customers in their mind when they recommend locksmith solutions. Hollywood Hills CA Locksmith Store has been in the lock & key industry in area for over a decade. We have successfully rekeyed more locks than we can count, never once forcing change or replacement of locks on our customers until and unless it is absolutely necessary.

Rekey Vs. Lock Change/Replacement:

Rekeying is much cheaper than replacement or lock change but gives you the same benefits and safety of new locks. As per your demand we can rekey your home or office locks, instead of going for a lock change or replacement.

Rekeying has some of the following benefits:

  • Improves your home security
  • Makes your locks harder to pick
  • Changes your locking system to a master key plan
  • It is the cheapest way to increase security of your property
  • Prevents previous employees or tenants from regaining access to your property

When to choose replacement over rekeying?

Rekeying becomes a must when you get these questions in your mind. Has my lock lost its integrity due to years of use? Has my house recently been vandalized? Or did you just get a tenant expelled? 

Unless your locks have been damaged for whatever reason, you are not required to replace them entirely because lock replacement can be an expensive process and this is why many unauthorized locksmiths will straight away recommend you to replace or change them. Hollywood Hills CA Locksmith Store provides you the most affordable rekey solutions. The locksmith will proceed only after carefully examining the situation and informing you about the condition.

Only hire professionals:

To increase your safety, rekeying locks is the best option but it can be a complicated process. We are the expert locksmiths you can trust for rekey service in Hollywood Hills. Only an experienced locksmith can undertake this job responsibly. Thus, you should only trust Hollywood Hills CA Locksmith Store as we maintain quality standards and charge affordable prices.

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