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Today almost all cars have transponder keys. These keys are very complex in nature. They can only be programmed by someone who is a professional in the field. If someone has stolen your keys or if they get damaged, only a professional can help you out!

Hollywood Hills CA Locksmith Store is a reputed locksmith service with a team of highly specialized auto locksmiths.  They are specially trained for handling automotive lock and key related issues. Our services are satisfying and of a high quality standards. We are a locksmith team that specializes in unlock services as well, including all kinds of key making services in area. Our facilities are available 24/7.

Why do we use transponder keys?

Hollywood Hills CA Locksmith Store Hollywood Hills, CA 323-647-8568Safety must be the first priority. When it comes to car safety, manufacturers leave no stone unturned. The invention of transponder keys has prevented countless number of thefts. Ever since the technology was introduced in the automobile industry, it has helped in keeping countless vehicles secure. These keys come preinstalled with a microchip embedded with a unique serial number. 

When the key is used, the unique serial number is verified. If the number does not match, the vehicle’s immobilizer is not disabled. Your vehicle will not operate unless this number is verified by the car. Thus, this particular system protects your car from being stolen. The advanced version of these keys is that the unique serial number changes with every use. In this way, making duplicate keys is impossible.

Why hire an auto locksmith from Hollywood Hills CA Locksmith Store?

Losing transponder keys can be a nightmare. If you ever lose it, you are left locked out of your own car.  Just pick up your phone and call Hollywood Hills CA Locksmith Store. Ask for our auto locksmiths who understand the concept behind these keys better.

Our experienced locksmiths can develop these keys for you on the spot. The process is very complex and includes two-steps. First they will cut the key blade matching the previous one. Next they will reprogram the keys with the unique serial number so that it can turn off the immobilizer. Thus, it is essential to hire an expert to handle this.

Quick service at your doorstep:

As the external threats have increased, so have the security measures. Hollywood Hills CA Locksmith Store can create new transponder keys on-the-spot, within thirty minutes. Our services are available 24/7 so whenever you call we will send our best men for your assistance.